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An Online Business Manager is engaged to manage all aspects of your business - operations, projects, people and metrics. They’re there to act as strategic support to you, the leader of the business, and to help you meet your business goals. Engaging an OBM is like having a business partner without actually having to share the business.

As your OBM I will determine the best processes and systems to ensure your business is working as efficiently as possible. We will explore all areas of the business to maximise productivity and revenue. 

Investing in an OBM is a big decision, and progress will not happen overnight, however when you see the benefits and imagine your business and life with more freedom, more flow and generating more income, you will quickly realise an OBM is well worth the investment.

Some of the areas I will be able to manage on your behalf are:

Operations Management

Client/customer onboarding systems

Client/customer systems management

Creation and updating of workflows/systems and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

Capacity management for the owner and overall team

Software/apps coordination

Initial research, vetting and coordination between the owner/expert/company


Bookkeeping/Financial Management (oversight)

Reporting & Analysis

Revenue Projections

Expense /cost audits

Support for bookkeeping, tax processes and cashflow.

Act as a liaison with the bookkeeper, CFO or other money management professionals working with the business

Project Management

Breaking down large projects into small, manageable steps

Setting up projects to-dos for everyone on the team

Ensuring effective deployment of tasks, including making sure appropriate resources are in place for execution

Continuously monitoring projects and tasks for adherence to timelines

Updating project to-dos as priorities shift

Troubleshooting missing resources or bottlenecks as a project progresses

Team Management

Developing a short-term and long-term hiring strategy

Hiring employees and contractors

Training employees and contractors

Day-to-day performance management

Periodic performance reviews

Employee support

If you would like to discuss further how Ducks in a Row can support your business in an (Online) Business Management capacity, simply fill in the below form and you will be sent a link to book a discovery call. We can have a chat about where your business currently is, where you would like to take it and how Ducks in Row may be able to fill in the gaps!

OBM retainers

(10 hours per month)

This is the perfect package for the business owner who is operating solo, or the Entrepreneur who is ready to take the next step in their business growth. Perhaps you haven't had management support previously, this is a great way to get started so we can begin to lay the foundations of your systems & processes for epic growth.

(20 hours per month)

This package would ideally suits a small business, or Entrepreneur that is a little more established, who have started their growth and require some back-end management to steer the growth in the right direction.

We will strategise next steps and bridge gaps between where the business is and where you want it to be.

(30 hours per month)

This package is for the small business or Entrepreneur who is well established and ready to take their business to the next level. Looking at ultimate productivity and time efficiency, I will strategise and work closely with as your right-hand woman, managing all aspects so you can spend more time in your element.

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