A little bit about me...

My name is Ash (and that’s my handsome fiancé Will).

Things I love:

Will (of course), my beautiful family, summertime, a good shiraz, Bali, Margaret River, my amazing friends, cleaning out my cupboards and reorganising, cooking (and eating), music & dancing, F45 training (we'll see how long that lasts), creating spreadsheets (that’s right!), a clean house & fresh sheets (I’m an OCD clean nerd).


Things I pride myself on:

Super organised, attention to detail (the OCD helps with that), always determined to get a job done, friendly, very efficient, perfectionist, honest, loyal, compassionate.


I’ve worked in senior administration roles for over 15 years across many industries. I always strive for excellence, with a strong work ethic that has been ingrained in me from a very young age. Over my years of administration experience, I’ve worked as an Event Coordinator, Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant, Office Manager & Bookkeeper. I have an extensive range of skills, which are complimented by my passion of being organised and organising others.


To find out how I can help you get your Ducks in a Row, creating home & business flow, head to my Services page.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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